The Bennett eBook Extravaganza!

THE bennett series

My wedding anniversary is in March (the 23rd, to be exact), so I always like to do something a little special to celebrate. Last year, I did a Kindle Countdown promotion for The Partition of Africa. This year, I have TWO books, so I’m doing TWO promotions!

The Partition of Africa

partition with tablet.jpg


Both Bennett books are always free on Kindle Unlimited, but on March 15 and 16, The Partition of Africa will be free for EVERYONE! Make sure to grab your free download before the promotion ends:

Buy link for Kindle



The Marshall Plan

TMP with tablet.jpg

The Marshall Plan will be part of a Kindle Countdown deal March 17-24. The price will drop down to 99 cents on the first day and gradually make its way up to the regular price of $3.99. Make sure to grab your discounted copy before time runs out.

Buy link for Kindle


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