The Marshall Plan – Coming Summer 2015!


Release Date: July 2015
Published by: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Genre: Literary Fiction, New Adult, Coming-of-Age
ISBN:  978-1505894455 

Molly Marshall is fresh out of grad school, armed with a shiny new degree in journalism and ready to take over the world. There’s just one little problem: no one seems to care.

Six months have passed since graduation and no matter how hard she tries, she can’t find a paying job in the field she’s spent years preparing to dominate. She’s saddled with a massive amount of student loan debt, plagued by family drama, and stuck in a dead-end job she despises. As if that weren’t enough, her relationship with Gavin, her dreamy genius fiancé, is more fizzle than sizzle these days. One can hardly blame Molly for questioning everything she’s been told about the real world.

Just when her prospects seem completely hopeless, the details that could prove to be the makings of a local scandal fall into her lap and Molly is forced to make a choice. What will it be: her ambition, or her heart?


Fans of The Partition of Africa will not want to miss this!


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